Marketing Facebook Ads to Increase Traffic to Your Site

One of the more interesting and effective marketing techniques used by marketers is marketing Facebook ads. Many of these methods are currently being tested with varying levels of success, but there are definitely some marketing gems out there that have been getting great responses. Even if you don’t currently own a business, it’s still important to use this strategy in order to get exposure. It’s not the only way you can get your name out, but it’s one of the most powerful, especially with the number of customers Facebook has as well as the large number of people that use it on a daily basis.

marketing facebook

Facebook is currently allowing ads in two different ways. You can either put a URL that customers will type in when they visit your site or you can also add a picture ad to your profile page. The picture ad is seen by all of your friends and can bring in a lot of traffic if your ad is interesting. Another great thing about using Facebook for your advertising is that you don’t have to pay any fees until you start seeing results from the traffic you are generating. Although the results may not be immediately evident, over time you should notice a definite increase in your business traffic.

Although these two methods are probably the best, you can use Facebook to boost your list and then market to them as well. Many times other businesses will list their events on Facebook and even feature an icon that says “Like”, which means they are inviting everyone who is on their list to like that event. When you do this, you create instant credibility with your customers because everyone is promoting the event. As a result of this, your business will see an immediate rise in traffic and sales. If you’ve been looking for a new way to promote your business, this is definitely the way to go.