Types Of News Papers

News paper plays an important role of informing people about latest happenings around the country, world and even across oceans. Today, it has emerged as one of the most popular news reading materials, both online as well as offline. The purpose of news paper is to provide all the relevant and essential information on any topic or subject. In fact, news paper has achieved tremendous popularity worldwide for its versatility as well as convenience with time.

news paper

There are many types of newspapers available in the market such as weekly, daily, monthly, quarterly etc. News paper is published for specific intervals in different days every year. For example, news paper is published on Wednesdays, so as to enable all the readers on that day to get all the information about the current news. The different types of newspapers are mentioned below:

It can be said without doubt that news paper has been playing a vital role of informing the public about any happening or issue. It helps the people stay informed about any natural calamity that may occur in their area. News paper can also be considered as a source of information about any political event or development. For all these reasons, there are numerous reasons to rely on news paper.