Sports Betting Glossary

Many people enjoy watching contests and have turned to sports betting to make some money. It’s a great way to diversify your income while having fun. While there are a few who make money from sports betting over the long term, millions of people bet on sporting events each year. According to the Daily Mail, the world’s sports betting market is worth three trillion dollars. It’s not impossible for even the most inexperienced sports fan to win some cash through sports betting.

sports betting

When you first start betting on sports, it can be confusing to know what all the terms mean. Here is a simple glossary of common sports betting terms, concepts, and strategies. Some common terms include “ATS” and “over/under”. Both terms refer to betting on a team’s point spread. An ATS bet is a way to make money by taking points against the spread. Taking a game straight up is a popular strategy.

There are many types of sports betting. One popular type is total-line betting. With this bet, you place a bet on the overall score of both teams. You can place your wager on the total line at the halfway point of a game, or after the game has been played. If you’re lucky, you’ll win money. You can also bet on the total line half way through the game, depending on which team wins the game.